InDabeecada we believe in things different, in the special moments, in exclusive environments ….for that we propose you to celebrate them with us; faint light ,your favorite music with cocktails and some of our treatments,they are the necessary ingredients to celebrate a friends’ meeting, a hen night or a birthday.

You can choose between night or morning version ,each one accompanied with different decorative ,gastronomic and sensorial touches.

Call us and we will prepare everything for you to enjoy an unforgettable event!

We close our establishment for you and your companions in the different events to choose (hen night,birthday, baby shower, friends’ meeting,brunch, pijama party,etc.)

Maximum audience to the event is 8 people and minimum 4.

We will do workshops for all the presents ( the bride or who is paid homage could choose any of our treatments) sweet or salted catering , drinks, (cocktail, champagne or wine) candies and chocolates.

You can personalize the environment like you wish: music selection. Possibility of contracting live music (not included), lights, flowers decoration or catering (ask us about our contributors).